1. To improve the remuneration & conditions for all members to accurately reflect their:
    1. leadership provided to the community in the areas of public safety and emergency management; and
    2. contribution and commitment to the development of the QFES.
  2. To pursue open and honest communications with all stakeholders.
  3. To further the role of members as commanders, leaders, managers and change agents.
  4. To provide mechanisms through which senior fire officers can be supportive of each other through membership of the SOU.
  5. To encourage an environment that ensures members have an acceptable work/life balance.
  6. To identify opportunities for direct input into decisions of the QFES that impact upon the members.
  7. To participate in the development of strategic and organisational change.
  8. To seek to provide security of employment for members through fair and just representation before relevant stakeholder groups.
  9. To seek to advance career opportunities for all members, with an emphasis on command, leadership and management.
  10. To achieve parity of wages and conditions in accordance with equivalent or similar positions held by peers in other emergency services and fire services throughout Australasia.
  11. To appear before and represent the views of members at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and other industrial and non-industrial forums.
  12. To recognise the right of the QFES to manage and achieve its strategic goals.