The Queensland Fire and Rescue – Senior Officers Union of Employees (SOU) is an industry-focussed industrial organisation that is dedicated to advancing five key areas. These are salaries and working conditions of members, security of employment, personal safety and providing career advancement opportunities. The SOU is the only union whose primary focus is a dedication to advancing these key areas for all Senior Fire Officers and is a union with a proven track record of results. The improvements in salaries and working conditions that are enjoyed by all Senior Fire Officers speak for themselves and these are a direct result of the SOU working hard for its members.

Due to our select membership we are able to focus closely on these key areas and respond to the interests of members, whether it is an issue by an individual, a group of members with a similar issue or the entire membership. This prevents us from becoming a “lost voice”, which can occur in large industrial organisations where the interests of the majority often take precedence at the expense of the minority.

The SOU is also aware of the demographics of its membership and that good salaries are not the only area of interest to all its members. Whilst still seeking improvements in these areas, the SOU is taking a lateral view of what initiatives will be of interest to many of our members and how to increase opportunities for an improved lifestyle.

Being able to become a member of a union is easy – being able to become a member of an industry-focussed union with a select membership that has a great track record is not easy. That is the SOU.

July 2014 Special Offer to SOU Members – Teachers Union Health (TUH) Fund

TUH is a Queensland based, not-for-profit private health insurance fund with a long history of service to union members and their families. Initially established in 1972 as a health fund for members of the teachers’ unions, TUH has now offered SOU members quality health insurance at more competitive rates than many other health funds. See the link below to gain further information.