The Queensland Fire and Rescue – Senior Officers Union of Employees (SOU) is a professionally led strategic industrial organisation operating within the industrial relations framework in Queensland. In the interests of its members, the SOU leads and coordinates the direction and profile of senior fire officers, with the key goals of improving and influencing the broader working and industrial environment that impacts its members.

The SOU publication Fire & Rescue Senior Officers- Strategic, Operational, and Tactical leaders of the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services provides further detail on the role of senior officers within Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. 

The Queensland Fire and Rescue

Senior Officers Union of Employees

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SOU President

Mark Kahler

As President of the Senior Officers Union of Employees (SOU), I would firstly like to formally recognise and acknowledge the membership for their contribution and achievement in their respective roles supporting the Queensland Fire Department, Queensland Government, and public.

The Senior Officers Union of Employees (SOU) is a registered industrial organisation with a core focus on ensuring and improving the wellbeing, wages and conditions of its members pursuant to its objectives

The SOU is uniquely focussed on Operational Senior Officers and we prioritise the interests of our members above all else. Membership ensures that our strength and influence is recognised by other stakeholders and I encourage you to consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity by joining with this cohort to raise our profile throughout all operational and functional areas of QFES.

The SOU is engaged in a range of consultative forums, this activity supports the critical dependency and demand on Operational Senior Officers to lead, manage and support the state government’s approach to managing fire and hazardous materials emergencies.

As an executive group, we are actively seeking and encouraging all eligible persons to join the SOU, please reach out if you require any further information and or wish to join the SOU.

The SOU Executive Committee is as follows:

  • State President – Mark Kahler
  • State Vice President – Paul Durston
  • State Secretary – Cameron Herbert
  • State Treasurer – Richard Gorey