Teachers Union Health (TUH)

Teachers Union Health (TUH) was established in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) to provide quality health insurance for members of the education community.

In 2000, membership was extended to the ASU Services, ASU Clerical and Administration, QPSU and CPSU and in late 2007, including family members. A decision by the Board in 2014 saw TUH membership
extended to members of any union including the SOU.

Now, with over 70,000 lives covered, TUH has become a strong organisation that aims to be the fund of choice for all union members and their families long into the future. TUH offers the following information as to why they have become a health fund of choice for over 70 000 members: http://tuh.com.au/why-tuh/

We are owned by our members

We don’t have shareholders. In fact, we are 100% owned by our members. Which means our profits go straight back into offering better products and services for you. We’re just a community of like-minded people
working all together better.

We believe in providing quality

We cover cardiac on all our hospital products and have a range of quality products that will suit you through your different life stages.

Our members are happier

Providing outstanding service is important to us and our customer satisfaction and member retention rates are better than the big for-profit health funds. In fact, 96% of our members love our products and
services and very few leave us.

Our members are financially better off too

Every year, TUH works hard to keep average premium increases as low as possible and last year, 90% of premiums we received were returned to members in the form of benefits and services. Get a quote online today and see how you can be altogether better off too.

Our values reflect our membership

Many of our members are union members or related to union members. We believe in fairness and everyone is treated as individual and not a number. We pride ourselves on living and breathing these values…we care about you.

A history of better health

A long time ago we were started by a group of teachers wanting better health insurance. And while we now protect the health of Australians from a vast array of industries our approach is the same. We believe in fairness and everyone is treated as an individual, not a number. And while you’re busy looking after others, we’re busy looking after you. It’s how we stay altogether better.

If you are interested in getting a quote for you and your family please contact them at http://tuh.com.au/