SOU Enterprise Bargaining Update

Monday the 1st August was the official first day of the EB process for 2016. The intent is for the process to be completed by the 1st October with some room for final arbitration by the end of October that may include backdating to October 1.

As you would all be aware, the last EB process included the requirement for an analysis to be undertaken by the SOU and QFES to review the margin between Station Officer and the Senior Officer ranks. As per the recommendation, the HR company MERCER has been involved in undertaking a review of the work value, pay structures and margins and the type of work undertaken by QFES senior officers compared with our colleagues in Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The Executive would also like to sincerely thank the 21 members who participated in one on one interviews with Mercer which has assisted in informing their review. The SOU Executive have been consulted during the process and whilst there have been some points of difference along the way, overall the SOU have been pleased with the process and the methodology to date by MERCER.

The final report is now being completed and will be delivered from Mercer to QFES and the SOU in near future. The SOU Executive will begin weekly meetings with QFES and the Government representatives and we will continue to keep you updated either through email or through your Branch Counsellors via teleconferences.